Serenity is Good Health

Serenity is Good Health
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick With The Ear, Slow With The Tongue!


Talking is good, especially when you get paid for it. Unfortunately, most of us talk a lot but we never get paid for it.

It’s surprising, isn’t it?

Look at this:

20% of the world’s people are millionaires. Out of them, about 99% are orators or speakers as well as authors. What do they do...? They talk! The more they talk, the higher they get paid. Also they don’t just talk but make sure their talks are put on paper.

80% of the world’s people manage the remaining 20% of the world’s wealth. They talk too much! The more they do that the highly impoverished they become. Since their talks lack content, they can’t be put on paper.

From the above, we will notice that not only do the millionaires control 80% of the world’s wealth, but they control 80% of their speeches as well. They talk! Yes, they talk, but succinctly and constructively.

Those who get impoverished also talk, but they talk gratuitously and excessively. The more they talk, the more unbridled their speeches get.

You see, there are no secrets or shortcuts to success. Your self-discipline and control over your speech and parlance will do the trick.

John Lyle Harrington once said, “Language has a large weight in classifying a man – infinitely more than dress. It exhibits his breeding and indicates his social status.”

Your talk, indeed, classifies you and determines to a larger extent, the status you’ll fit into in life. It shapes your personality and creates the kind of impression people have or will have about you. It brings out the real you.

Do you wonder why people get irritated, any time you open your mouth to speak? Check your speeches; they might be foolish, verbose or boring. Never speak your mind, mind your speech.

You might need to be reticent sometime; it will help. Even fools are considered wise when they keep quite. Speech is silver, silence is gold. Think about it!

Mind you, timidity is not reticence, it is merely stupidity.

May be just like me, you’ve been trying and still fighting with this bad habit of excessive talking. You wish God could take your voice so you could become dumb.

You always wish and wish, for your spirit is willing, but often you fail to remain silent for once. You’ve started hating yourself for this and you are unsure of your becoming who you’ve dreamt to be.

Any time you seem to have an iota of hope to put things right, a shadow of ambivalence casts itself on it; you get confused and feel like giving up.

NO! Not yet…

There’s a way!

I was once in your position. Through curiosity and being extremely critical, I became a talkative without knowing it. Though loved by many, indirectly, I was constantly notified of my bad habit which made me feel lonely and empty.

Out of shame and frustration, I started playing the defense; making excuses to justify my talking too much. This defensive game attitude gradually progressed into unnecessary lying. It never helped.

Seeing how badly I will be affected in the future, I sat myself down, did some assessments, and afterward resolved to change. Nothing will change if you don’t acknowledge the need for change.

A great poet, John Milton, also said, “To excuse our faults on the ground of our weakness is to quiet our fears at the expense of our hopes”

These are some little changes I made which you may need to consider as well.

- To begin with, say this words solemnly and affirmatively, ‘YES I CAN!’

- Learn a lesson from the Creator. Your ears were made opened but your mouth was made to close; quick with your ears, slow with your mouth.

- Be a good conversationalist. Listen more talk less but judiciously.

- Be laconic in speech.

- Accept criticism. Our enemies’ opinions about us might be right because they see us and we don’t see ourselves.

- Maintain daily and self-discipline

Make these changes and the shackles of loquaciousness will be broken off you.


Friday, April 22, 2011

I Feel Like Giving Up on Life. Do I Have A Place...?

You Have a Place in Life

There is a place for you on this planet earth. The world is a customer; it is always waiting for someone to meet a need. There is a need only you can meet, search for that need and meet it, you’ll succeed.

It is not just anybody the world is waiting for, the ordinary are too much, the world is looking for the marketable; the workable; a person with skills and excellence.

The world has branched from the world of average, ordinary and commonness, to the world of specialization and proficiency. Add some value to yourself; if you don’t excel, you can’t sell!

The world wants your skills to advance further…

The world is before you, it does not deny you of anything. It all depends on what you have. Find a need and meet it now. What others can’t do, you can do; where they can’t go, you can go.

Do not look at your performance, look at your potentials. There is a purpose for your life; you are not here by accident. You have the solutions for the problems you are crying about.

God does not hate you. He created you like this, exclusively, to meet a need. He has a purpose for your life, your making and your gift.

No one is better than you; no one is smarter than you. Polish your God-given talent and the world is ready to pay you!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How health and wealth can be maintained.

Success Tips to Wealth

Success is a journey; if you fail today, you’ll be judged by your failure not what you’ve achieved in the past. Success is not cheap; it comes to people with a definite purpose. It is not for quitters; it is for those who persevere adventurously.

Mind, Words and Actions

Success is a product of:

- Your mind (think): Something has to happen to mind if you must succeed. You have to think! Think positive thoughts; Godly thoughts!

- Your words (speak): Speak positively! No weak speech can attain success; creative and productive speech will.

- Your actions (do): Mind your actions. Act with conviction!

Measured Pace

Don’t out run yourself and get tired, run at an unhurried pace.
Remember, you are not competing with anyone; you’re competing with yourself and your potentials.

Now, how do you maintain your pace?

This is how:

- Be content with what you have while reaching for your desires

- Success is not an imitation of somebody; it is the mastering of your style

- Avoid greed and haste; focus on long-term vision. Your pace must always work with your long-term vision


Life is not static. If you’re not moving, you’re falling behind. You can’t be half-hearted or pathetic, if you want to be successful. You can’t succeed by quitting, because it is uncomfortable.

Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they give up”.

Three things to have to persevere:

- Bravery: Fear is good, but not when it controls you. Someone else will discover you if you sit somewhere and go nowhere. Be daring enough to venture new projects.
- Tenacity: In life, people make way to those who push us aside. Starting is punishing; finishing is exciting. You must be stubborn to succeed. Don’t give up but give it time while persevering and persisting consistently. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!

- Strong-minded: Be certain about your venture. Indecisive people are like a blind man looking in a dark room for a black cat that isn’t there. Determination certainly leads to success.

How to Develop Bold Perseverance:

- Face your fears with faith in God

- Maintain mental discipline

- Push yourself forward when others have retired


Professionalism is one of the things you ought to have if you must succeed. As a professional you must observe:

- Standards: To be a professional, you must uphold the standards of your field. Maintain strict standards. If you don’t meet the standards of your field, you’ll never be successful.

- Ethics: Don’t allow your mood to sabotage your performance. Carrying your problems to the job is unhealthy. Success means professionalism. Control private interferences with your work. If you’re going to be successful, sometimes you’ll have to offend people. Mind you, you’ll fail if you want to please everyone.

- Quality: Exceed the expectations of your clients. You can’t be shoddy and still expect success. People will offend you on your field, be professional. You don’t solve your private issues with your field’s funds.

Sure Predictability

To be successful, you must be predictable with your product. Don’t give excellent quality today and cheap quality tomorrow; you’ll fail. Your service must be guaranteed all the times.
If people can not predict you they cannot bank their future on you.

To be predictable, you must possess:

- Dependability

- Consistency

- Continuity

How to Develop Predictability:

1. Commit to keeping your word

2. Build consistence character for both private and public conduct

3. Master and replicate the processes for success. Success is a science, which incorporates an art and not an art on its own

4. Build a plan of succession for yourself. Succession does not take place when you die; it takes place while you are in position. Succession is difficult because it requires people who are ready to walk the path.

Unfortunately, most people are not ready to walk the path; they only want to enjoy the benefit of the walk. Success without a successor is failure.

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan. Life is not sweet when you fail.

Inner Peace

True success is a product of inner peace – peace of the heart. If your vision is small, anything satisfies you.

To gain inner peace, you must:

- Faith: Walk by faith not by sight
- Righteousness: Have the righteousness of God
- Significance: Make your life significant by harnessing your God-given talents and potentials.
Honor God with your gifts, talents and influences.